Saturday, 15 January 2011

Brownies with Spinach and Carrots.

Like some parents, both Syah and I have to deal with a child who is a picky eater.

Like some parents, we too find mealtimes to be a bit stressful sometimes. If we try to serve something healthy, I can assure you, our attempt will only be strongly resisted by a curly haired rebel named Zara.

As much as I enjoy cooking, preparing meals for the family can sometimes be challenging as I have to come up with something that everyone will enjoy eating and at the same time nutritious.

Sure, I can whip up a batch of chocolate mousse and know that by the end of the day, there'll be no leftover, but what kind of a mother would I be if I only feed my kids junk food (trust me, if I could do that, I would. The only thing that's stopping me is this thing called parental guilt). I used to tell myself, that if only cupcakes, ice cream, puddings were packed with as much vitamins and minerals as fruits and vegetables, life would be so easy.

Then I came across this recipe by Jessica Seinfeld.

At first,I was a bit sceptical as I browse through the list of ingredients. Carrots are still tolerable but spinach? In brownies? Forget about feeding a 3-year-old, even I wouldn't force myself to eat this thing.

But I was desperate. So desperate that if a bomoh tells me that he could make Zara eat her vegetables with as much enthusiasm as she eats chocolate cakes, I would have hired him to do the job.

Hehehe... just kidding... *hesitates for a moment* No no... I wouldn't. Really.

With this in mind, I decided to give these brownies a try.

It was messy. The whole baking project. What with all the pureeing and with 2 underaged, overenthusiastic assistants eager to lend a hand, I found myself spending more time cleaning up the kitchen than making the brownies themselves.

This is what the whole mixture looks like, in a pan (duh..), moments before being placed in the oven.

Jessica says to bake them for 35-40 minutes, but I only baked mine for 20 minutes, as I've always preferred my brownies to be extra gooey and fudgy. Although not specified in the recipe, I decided to add some walnuts and raisins for the extra crunch and flavour.

Jessica also warns against eating the brownies warm, as the spinach flavour will still be present, so I let them cool before digging into them.

Personally, I wouldn't call them the best brownies I've had so far, but for something that was made with vegetables, and used very little butter and only egg whites, I thought they were pretty good and not forgetting, deceiving as the chocolate covers any hint of spinach or even carrots. It seemed to be just chocolate (in my case, chocolate, walnuts and raisins). Texturewise, I would say that they're different from the regular brownies. There's no crusty top nor chewy center, but still, (texture aside) I thought they tasted quite nice.

The most important thing of all was that they're a healthier alternative to the normal brownies and both my kids seemed to love them. This recipe might just be a keeper after all :).

For the recipe, Please click here.


  1. Never thought of this combo in a brownie,they look super good! Love your space,so neat and clean!

  2. eee spinach and carrots in brownies? what a combo, must try it!

    reminds me of my curry that i made and put in green apples.